How to use the Alternative Vote voting system to set up a D&D campaign

Dice, DICE!

Or maybe I should have called this post, “Why you should use AV to help people decide on a D&D campaign”…

Basically, our GM presented us with four world scenarios as we geared up to start a new game to replace The One Ring campaign that we’d pretty much finished. There were three of us players there. There were four world options.

It could have all gone horribly wrong. We could have ended up like screaming children (though the chances of this were pretty slim).

Instead, we ranked the four options, which included a Planescape set-up, and the three of us ended up giving Planescape a ranking. This is of course the alternative vote at its simplest, but it worked.

We spent most of last week’s session working on our characters. Tonight will see us put them into action for the first time. And because of the GM trying to make the game more story centric we’ve all got some pretty in-depth backstories for our characters.

And Paul is playing as an undead, female Minotaur.. as you do.


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