I have started playing Skyrim again

Why, why, why?

I have returned to Skyrim. I have purchased the Hearthfire DLC. I apparently am incapable of staying away from the damn game for more than a few months at a time. The only good news is that I didn’t have to buy any extra MS points to get my hands on the DLC, as I already had over 400 points saved up.

Why can’t I keep away from this game? It’s as if I like being randomly abused by glitches and bugs. And I don’t consciously like that sort of thing.

I haven’t actually managed to build a house yet. I was distracted by the Thieve’s Guild quest that I was part way through when I started playing the last time. And I haven’t completed the Guild’s quests yet, so it was a bit of achievement hunting.

Meanwhile, today, tonnes of Wii U details were loosed upon this world and I now know there will be no escaping it on launch.


5 thoughts on “I have started playing Skyrim again

  1. A few possible reasons that might keep you coming back to the game might be because you have not finished the main quest (I could be wrong) and/or all of the guild quests and/or all the quests; and since Skyrim was hyped so much/said to be so amazing by many people but to some of us it is not so amazing as we expected, so we give it extra chances to see if we will ever feel the same way about the game as they do. 😉

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