Getting to grips with retro games

A Vectrex in the foreground and a Virtual Boy in the background.

Some of you may know that last month I spent a most wonderful day at the Cornwall Retro Gaming Event. I was there doing research for a BeefJack article that went live last week, the article is called Back to the Future: the union of retro and indie games. As you might be able to tell, the piece looked at the links between older games and newer, independently made games.

This week’s Nerds Assemble podcast episode also looks at my first gaming experiences and examines how I really didn’t start playing games until most of my childhood was over. I’m of an age that I could have potentially experienced older Nintendo and Sega systems, but I never did, mainly due to my parents’ previous attitudes towards gaming.

And I just want to say now that I do get a tad fed-up when people tease me by saying that I’m not a real gamer, because I haven’t played loads of older titles. I mean, c’mon, it’s bad enough keeping track with current releases without visiting ten, twenty plus year old games that I didn’t have the chance to play first time round. Sure I’ll play older titles, but in my own time and this is no reason to mark me out as any less of a fan of the medium.


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