Am I busy?

Probably busy.

At yesterday’s meeting of Cornwall Graphic Novel Group one of the guys remarked, just as everyone was leaving, that I always seem to be busy. What with organizing CGNG, the things I do for BeefJack, running the Nerds Assemble podcast every week. Continue reading


Driving lessons update #1

(I’ll try to keep finding slightly car related music videos for each of these posts.) Anyway, how did my first lesson go? You may be asking after yesterday’s post. Clearly I’ve typed this, so I didn’t die or end up causing a serious accident and get thrown in a cell. Continue reading

I am about to have my first driving lesson, since stopping three years ago

Image courtesy of chuckoutrearseats/Colin

Today, I am  nervous for the first time since I started my job at Radix. Today I am hitting the roads of Falmouth and Penryn for the first driving lesson I’ve had since I stopped learning three years ago. And today I will be driving in a manual car, rather than an automatic as I had previously learned in. I have never held a full driving license. Continue reading

I am beyond disappointed with Cornwall Council

Where do I begin?

I can no longer keep quiet about the activities at County Hall. As democracy appears to have fled the place, I truly can’t keep silent. Continue reading

This week’s Cornwall Graphic Novel Group meet takes on Ditko and Creeper!

It’s going to be awesome.

The meet for Cornwall Graphic Novel Group is happening on Saturday 29th, 2pm in Loading. Last month, I managed to persuade the group that we should talk about Steve Ditko and one of his oddball characters – Creeper. And that’s what we’re gonna do. Continue reading