The drinking podcasts – unforeseen problems?

Beer’s good ‘un all, but…

Another side effect of hanging around r/podcasts more, is that I’ve been noticing trends with some of the podcasts on there. Now, I already knew about people doing podcasts where they drink alcohol while recording, but I didn’t realise it was such a big trend.

Over the past week, I’ve stumbled across a fair few that have presenters getting drunk while recording and/or they use it as one of their – for want of a better word – gimmicks. But I feel that it isn’t the best of gimmicks to have with a lot of the podcasts I’ve heard having it.

Now this hasn’t happened yet, as far as I know from what I have listened to, but there’s something important podcasters (at least UK ones) need to consider: the more inebriated you are, like in any social situation, the more likely you are to say something that you’ll later regret. Now, if you happen to be talking about actual people when this happens (certainly in the UK) you could say something that falls foul of libel laws and if in your impaired state you don’t realise this and then don’t remember when it comes to editing and uploading… well let’s just hope no concerned parties hear the podcast.

But one thing is certain at least in the UK – posting stuff online where you shoot your mouth off (in text or otherwise) is coming under closer and closer scrutiny. All the crap that’s happened about Twitter posts is a clear example of this, plus how trolls are being clamped down on more (I’m not arguing for trolls to be given leniency, I’m just pointing out that law enforcement and the CPS are paying closer attention to online content).

UK laws are somewhat muddy when it comes to freedom of expression, so if you’re part of a drinking podcast, you may want to reconsider how you approach things a bit. Unless you want to end-up like that bloke who Tweeted something about Robin Hood airport that one time…


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