I’m starting to use Reddit more… and the great RSS outage of 2012

Been lurking, now posting more.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been lately… err, I’ve been busy and part of that has included exploring Reddit. I’ve been finding that the communities on the site are increasingly meeting my age old need to be a part of a huge online forum. Anyway, the r/podcasts reddit (and one particular user) became my saviour yesterday as I teetered on the edge of technologically induced panic.

The FeedBurner RSS for the Nerds Assemble podcast went tits-up part way through yesterday. Looking into it, I was greeted by an error message regarding the XML and white space, as described in this Google Group post on the matter. While people there tried to be helpful, it wasn’t until I posted on Reddit that I started to get some realistic advice.

And this is what I’m coming to love about so much of Reddit. The sense of community and helpfulness that exists in some of the sub-reddits is fantastic. Certainly the r/podcasts regulars are really great about helping people out with podcast related queries and feedback.

So, how did I get my FeedBurner RSS back? By deleting the post that probably caused the problem and then waiting and waiting and pinging FeedBurner. Waiting was the main advice I got from Reddit.

Beyond podcasts? Well, there’s a Cornwall one that I think anyone living down here might find quite useful to use. I’ve already used it to promote the Cornwall Graphic Novel Reading Group.


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