Err, what planet is China Miéville on?

Image courtesy of Danie Ware.

A somewhat unusual article has appeared over at the Guardian this week. I say unusual, it’s mainly due to the views of China Miéville that are included in the article. Mainly his ideas of published works being “remixed” as so often happens to music these days and that writers should have a “wage of a skilled worker” to ensure that they get paid.

Now, I’m going to assume that’s his leftist leanings shining through on that last one. Unless society drastically changes and treats all creative endeavours in that way, I don’t really agree with that suggestion.

And the remixing part… well, it’s been happening for years with every work that’s inspired by several others and certainly via all the fan-fiction uploaded to the net. Everything that we produce is in 99% of cases is a remix of that which has come before.

Though I suppose China is thinking about all the average, everyday people who might start remixing narratives. Yet, I can’t see that happening in that way. It’s a small section of society that has the time and creativity necessary to remix music tracks, and you’ll probably find the same would happen with published works.

In fact, beyond the seas of fan-fiction I can only imagine people who want to write realising more and more that they could very well tell a better story than those authors who have already been published.

Here you find a whole chunk of China Miéville’s recent speech at the 2012 Edinburgh World Writers’ conference.


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