Game Dev Story and Babylon 5

This game is so addictive…

Last week I did two things that until a month ago I wouldn’t have believed I would ever really do: watch Babylon 5 and play Game Dev Story. Seriously, I thought GDS would pass me by forever, just due to a lack of suitable technology to play it on, but Babylon 5

There’s a running joke in Paul’s family about me and my sort of long-running hatred of Babylon 5. I’d never really watched the series before, but had memories of seeing bits and dabs of it as a kid and being really unimpressed with the CGI (I preferred ST:TGN’s use of models). In fact I was so unimpressed with the CGI that I’ve had a constant aversion to anything to do with it for years. But Paul is a huge fan of the series and he finally bought the DVD boxset and we started watching it last week.

I was pleasantly surprised, but I do inwardly cringe whenever they do scenes of ships in space and exterior shots of the Babylon 5 space station. But at least the plotting and acting isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Meanwhile, Paul downloaded Game Dev Story for Android and I started up a game studio that I decided to name Babylon 5. I started playing the game on Sunday and I can see why when it was first released, a lot of people really liked it. Though the people I know who are really fond of it happen to all be game journos. But it is a fun sim.

For those who still don’t know: Game Dev Story is a sim about running a game studio. You can develop your own IPs, which follow certain genre conventions of your choice and have a sub-category for various consoles that are all parodies of ones that have existed in the pass. Or – you can work on contracts. The key to the game is successfully managing the studio so that you can turn a profit and increase the fame of your studio.

I don’t play games like Game Dev Story almost ever, but it is fun and certainly fun to have running while watching Babylon 5.


2 thoughts on “Game Dev Story and Babylon 5

  1. GDS is ridiculously addictive, some of Kariosoft’s other games are good – Grand Prix Story is probably my favourite one due to its little races you can’t really influence.

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