I played my first Facebook game the other day and I wasn’t impressed

The first proper Facebook game I’ve ever played is AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game.

I’ve never played a Facebook game before, until last weekend when I saw a link to AMC’s official Facebook game for The Walking Dead. I started trying it out on Sunday and have put in about an hour or so overall. And like the title of this post says, I wasn’t impressed with the game.

Previously, I’d almost been tempted to give the House M.D. social game a go and decided not to, mainly due to the character designs. This one only got a look in because Channel 5 recently finished airing season two.

I’m still not happy with the character designs, but the heads are a little smaller than the ones in the House game.

Still, there’s not much to do. It’s all mainly resource gathering missions. Yes there are zombies, but they’re not exactly terrifying. What is terrifying is the amount of real money you could spend converting into Facebook Credits to then convert into “dead dollars” so that you get better weapons and unlock new chapters.

Unfortunately, you need to keep doing the repetitive resource gathering missions before you can even progress onto the next chapter – something I haven’t achieved yet. And I don’t think I will be achieving. Seriously, with no real atmosphere, picking up water bottles and stacks of wood is rather boring even if you have to behead walkers occasionally.

Though at least they kept with the law from the comics and TV series – using guns is usually a bad idea.

I think I’ll go buy those Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead games instead. At least they’re upfront with what you’re really paying for.


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