A little less worried about Dead Space 3 now

The above trailer from Gamescom has done more to reassure me about the future of the Dead Space franchise after the one from E3 left me feeling somewhat cold. Dead Space 3 is due to hit shelves on 8th February 2013. As someone who rates the first game in at number 14 of my top 20 favourite games of all time, I’ve always been concerned about the series becoming too “actiony”. I like action in my horror, but there’s a fine line of balance needed to keep the scares going.

The trailer that originally left me doubtful? It was this one:

Let’s just say, the less the game is like the last main Resident Evil and upcoming sixth game – the better. And I just hope the big monsters are infrequent.

Meanwhile, a Tweet from the official Dead Space account, with a pic from GamesCom, seems to indicate that they’ve changed the weapon customisation process, perhaps even making it more like building them from scratch?


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