Welcome to the Nerds Assemble podcast

Finally, the podcast lands.

Several months ago, I decided that I wanted to put together a geeky podcast. Inspired by CY & J, I set about looking into just how I could go about setting up a podcast and who to bring on board to help me co-host (’cause I knew no one would want to listen to just me, talking for over thirty minutes). This week all my planning and scheming became reality.

Nerds Assemble has finally landed. Using stuff I’ve learned through trying to organise projects at BeefJack, plus advice from CY of CY and J, I was able to record and load the podcast onto the web on Tuesday. Well, recording happened on Monday night, and editing and uploading happened on Tuesday.

The first episode has us all talking about a wide variety of things from The Hobbit film adaptations to whether or not I’d ever be called up as criminal profiler by the local police force. Next week promises to be just as varied.

I actually edited the podcast using Pro Tools. And let’s just say that I felt a bit like an ape being given some strange, black monolith in order to edit a simple piece of audio. The reason I used Pro Tools isn’t because I wanted to use professional kit, but because Paul already has a legit copy of it due to his filmmaking shenanigans.

I think the hardest parts of sorting out the podcast, other than making sure that Paul, Paul and Paul had working mics, was sorting out some basic graphics (in case you’re wondering, Paul B drew the silhouettes of all the presenters) and configuring the website as I wanted. As you may be able to tell from the earlier link, I took the basic Tumblr theme and did some serious (for me) editing with it. I didn’t have to code anything up, it was more editing the right sections of code and inserting code that I needed, such as Google Analytics and Share This.

In case anyone wonders why I’ve gone with the Dropbox hosting method for the podcast files, it’s because it was the cheapest way to get things going. My only expenses so far have been the domain and a domain email address. We’re uploading four podcasts a month, which means we’d be using more data than the Basic Libsyn package. The podcast doesn’t have anything like sponsors at the moment and I wasn’t about to amp up the cost of it by doing it through subscription service like Libsyn. Plus, thanks to CY, I was able to configure a Feedburner feed correctly, thus meaning that the show should soon be available on iTunes (thanks to Paul E submitting it for review) – a service Libsyn would have you pay for.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who helped get the first episode out. And to the rest of you: why not check out episode one now?


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