My continuing quest for news – day 3

Having to resort to newspapers.

Didn’t realise I’m finding it hard to find news offline at the moment? Then check out my post on the effect the Olympics has had on UK news.

Feedly has been pretty good so far in helping me with some of my news needs, however it’s not much use to me during my commute or when I’m eating porridge before leaving the house in the morning. So, I tried the BBC’s red button service on the telly this morning…

There was hardly any non-Olympics news in the UK news section. Despite the multitude of places the BBC (as the official UK broadcaster of the sporting event) is showing and talking about the Olympics already, they apparently had to infect the BBC interactive service on digital telly too.

Today has therefore been the second day that I have bought a newspaper. Yesterday it was The Independent and today it’s their more petite i title. While both have had the obligatory Olympics coverage, there was a great deal of actual news in them as well, plus the added benefit of puzzles.

I’m pretty sure my news reading activities would not so hampered if Cornwall’s 3G network was better, thus enabling me to get hold of news via my phone while commuting.


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