The drinking podcasts – unforeseen problems?

Beer’s good ‘un all, but…

Another side effect of hanging around r/podcasts more, is that I’ve been noticing trends with some of the podcasts on there. Now, I already knew about people doing podcasts where they drink alcohol while recording, but I didn’t realise it was such a big trend. Continue reading


I’m starting to use Reddit more… and the great RSS outage of 2012

Been lurking, now posting more.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been lately… err, I’ve been busy and part of that has included exploring Reddit. I’ve been finding that the communities on the site are increasingly meeting my age old need to be a part of a huge online forum. Anyway, the r/podcasts reddit (and one particular user) became my saviour yesterday as I teetered on the edge of technologically induced panic. Continue reading

Err, what planet is China Miéville on?

Image courtesy of Danie Ware.

A somewhat unusual article has appeared over at the Guardian this week. I say unusual, it’s mainly due to the views of China Miéville that are included in the article. Mainly his ideas of published works being “remixed” as so often happens to music these days and that writers should have a “wage of a skilled worker” to ensure that they get paid. Continue reading

Game Dev Story and Babylon 5

This game is so addictive…

Last week I did two things that until a month ago I wouldn’t have believed I would ever really do: watch Babylon 5 and play Game Dev Story. Seriously, I thought GDS would pass me by forever, just due to a lack of suitable technology to play it on, but Babylon 5

Continue reading

I played my first Facebook game the other day and I wasn’t impressed

The first proper Facebook game I’ve ever played is AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game.

I’ve never played a Facebook game before, until last weekend when I saw a link to AMC’s official Facebook game for The Walking Dead. I started trying it out on Sunday and have put in about an hour or so overall. And like the title of this post says, I wasn’t impressed with the game. Continue reading