Currently trying out Feedly

Just an example of what I’ve been setting it up like.

Having complained earlier yesterday about the lack of non-Olympics news in my life, I decided that I needed to up my RSS game. I’ve been using Google Reader for a while for getting at my fave podcasts plus industry news related to my day job. But it doesn’t present stories in a particularly enticing manner.

So I started looking for alternatives. Now as I wanted to be able to read the same feeds/stories on my HTC Wildfire, I needed something that had an Android app, but I also wanted to be able to access a desktop version either by another app or through a browser. At first I considered Pulse, but it only has smartphone and tablet apps. So, I had a hunt round and came across a mention of Feedly in a lifehacker piece.

I was drawn to it, because it had an Android app that was compatible with my phone, it was available in a browser plus I could import my feeds from Google Reader. I’m still adding feeds and categories to it, but so far it has helped me keep on top of my news needs a lot better than I was previously managing with in Google Reader.

As to my morning news fix problems – I tried listening to the radio this morning to see if any local or national stations were any better for avoiding the Olympics. But they weren’t. I had to pick up a copy of The Independent, and skim past the opening Olympics stories, before I got to some real news. (I couldn’t rely on Feedly while out and about due to 3G connections in Cornwall being a tad iffy or completely non-existent along sections of train routes.)


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