How the hell did I end up watching Sky New this morning?

When will it all be over?

When I get up in the morning and achieved a frame of mind that resembles awake, I like to torture myself with whichever breakfast program the BBC has on air, preferably one that leans towards having some news in it. The London Olympics have pretty much put a stop to that.

So this morning I ended up with Sky News on. I managed to get some news (shit is going from bad to worse in Syria) before the inevitable turn round to talking about what the heck is happening at the Olympics. I started channel hopping only to discover that a bunch of the main channels were showing kids’ shows.

I suppose I could have tried listening to the radio, but almost every news show I’ve stumbled upon will quickly (upon switching over to it) end up talking about the Olympics. I am fed up with hearing about it, as it’s actually decreasing my ability to actually hear about real news. I’m considering several methods to get around this problem: Twitter lists of foreign news sites or RSS feeds…

But I don’t see why all news outlets in this country have to go completely goo-ga over the Olympics. Sure, the UK is hosting it. So what? We hosted the Common Wealth Games recently too. It’s no more different than a regular Olympics other than it’s our country that’s been putting through a financial and infrastructure nightmare at the moment.

Of course news outlets are still reporting on actual news, it’s just impossible to find it half the time as it’s buried under Olympics coverage. It’s like having a sports segment on all the time.

As I Tweeted on Friday:

Oh, with all the Olympics news going on, you probably didn’t hear about Northern Irish Republican dissident groups joining forces to form a new IRA, did you?


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