I finally watched Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


Maybe you’ll recall my completely subjective Catwoman test? And perhaps my displeasure at the unhelpful review of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance that appeared in my local paper? Well, last night I watched Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, I’d been given the Blu-ray as a birthday present from my middle brother.

Here’s the thing: the latest Ghost Rider has passed my Catwoman test. The storyline was reasonably coherent (if one that’s been over used in other supernatural films), the acting wasn’t too bad and the special effects looked pretty good. Nicholas Cage was actually quite good in returning to the role of Johnny Blaze/Ghost rider, this is pretty much due to him playing crazy so well (he’s been doing it fabulously since Face/Off).

I think the one thing that holds the film back is that it’s obvious the more creative individuals behind the film wanted to make it a far more mature affair with a lot more gore and violence and an even more manic Blaze/Rider – but weren’t given the chance to do this. The claws of studio interference are clearly scratched through the film, just like they were in Babylon A.D. I suspect any interference that may have happened was down to wanting to keep the film’s classification low – it’s a 12 in the UK.

If you vaguely enjoyed watching the original film, then you might as well watch it. It’s not as bad as Catwoman, this means at worse it’s mediocre.


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