“Imagine all you can be”…

You remember The Matrix, right?

The title isn’t a quote from The Matrix (one of my favourite films of all time), in fact it’s from a poster for a particular hair product I saw in a local hair salon. Considering my description last week of how I felt that maybe I was slipping into some kind of Baudrillardian nightmare, the posters I saw didn’t make me feel any better earlier this week.

So, what’s the link between these posters, The Matrix and the simulacrum? Well, just take a look at the posters:

We’ve got “Matrix” hair products with the byline of “Imagine all you can be”. What I can’t figure out is if the marketing people behind these posters were trying to make a reference to what is possible inside The Matrix of The Matrix or it’s just pure coincidence. After all, I haven’t seen a geek reference in a hair product since Garnier Fructis had some hair styling stuff that they said you could make manga hair styles with.

But remember what this article from New Scientist back in 2002 pointed out: best not to think about being in a simulated reality or you might be deleted.


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