July’s meet up of Cornwall Graphic Novel Group shall be indie and small press focused

The time has almost come!

Lurching out of the shadows once again is Cornwall Graphic Novel Group and its July meet-up in Loading (Saturday 28/07 at 2pm). If a graphic novel and comics group has been running for over a year, then clearly it’s time to take a dive into indie and small press comics and graphics.

Other than Fetishman (NSFW), I haven’t read that many indie or small press titles. This is mainly down to the fact that my first convention visits didn’t happen until last year when I went to Bristol Expo and MCM Expo in the same month. Why conventions? Well, the regular distribution channels (i.e. shops) are a tad difficult for indies to get in to, ’cause their stuff is tricky to get listed with distributors like Diamond.

And there are so many comics creators out there that tracking down writers and artists that you might like can be difficult when using Google. But what I’m hoping for with this month’s meeting is that everyone will be able to discuss an indie or small press gem that they like.

Are they any indie or small press titles that you like?


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