Danny DeVito’s spot on BBC Breakfast this week and the Olympics

The Lorax vs. the London Olympics opening ceremony…

Earlier this week, Danny DeVito did an interview for BBC Breakfast as part of his promotion of The Lorax, which gets its general UK release this Friday. Being released on Friday means that the film’s main competition could come in the form of UK parents who are eager for their kids to “experience history in the making” by watching the opening ceremony for the London Olympic Games.

This fact wasn’t lost on the BBC presenter who was interviewing DeVito. And it became quite (amusingly, beautifully) clear as to what DeVito believed parents should be getting their kids to watch: The Lorax of course. The BBC presenter squirmed, as too did the usual Breakfast hosts back in the studio, at the suggestion that there could very well be something out there to watch this Friday night that isn’t the opening ceremony for the Games.

The choices presented in this brief television slot were quite interesting. Think about it: watch the money spinning of Hollywood or watch the money spinning of the Olympic Games. And I’m going to come out and say that the commercialization of this particular Olympic Games and all the crap that LOCOG have been doing for the sponsors… shows a heartlessness that can’t even be found in the last Michael Bay Transformers film.

Sure films and TV shows get sponsors and product placement all the time – but nothing that reaches the hysterical levels that have been produced and policed by LOCOG as they’ve gone about sorting out the London Games.

So, if you’re looking for the lesser of two evils – in terms of entertainment for kids – this coming Friday, The Lorax will probably be better the choice.


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