A peek into my thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises

I’ll try not to spoil things for you.

This isn’t a full review. As you know, I don’t do reviews on here. Instead, I want to talk about a few of the aspects of the film that I enjoyed and a few that bothered me, (but in a broad a manner as possible, so as not to spoil anything).

The Dark Knight Rises has been a long time coming, with the first film in the trilogy, Batman Begins, being released all the way back in 2005 and The Dark Knight coming out in 2008. Seven years is a long time for expectations of fans to build for a concluding part in a trilogy.

Key to remember with DKR is that it is mainly set some eight years after the events of the second film. Gotham is very different and so is Brice Wayne. I felt that the way they depicted this passage of time worked, mainly shown by the rebuilt Wayne manor and the situation that Bruce is now living in.

I also like the volume of action that was in the film. There were some truly lovingly choreographed scenes and some stunningly awesome new gadgets. At the same time, some of this was a tad cliche, due to the use of timers – something that has occurred in all three films. It’s as if the only way Nolan feels he can express suspense is through some kind of countdown, which is naff in my opinion.

Catwoman was infinitely better than any screen portrayal I’d previously experienced. Grounding her in the mythos from the comics of the last twenty or so years meant that her character was mainly believable and strong when and where it counted.

But how do I feel about the film overall? Well, as I summarised on Facebook to my friends:

The film is jumpy with a lot of fat removed from the script. The bad guys’ plans also seemed a tad too convoluted. It was a good watch, but seemed to be lacking the soul of the previous two films.

And so while I enjoyed watching this final part of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, I left the cinema feeling somewhat unsatisfied than the previous two outings of this Dark Knight.


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