And while falling into a Baudrillardian nightmare…

This week has seemed just a little bit out there, to me. From all the nonsense in the run-up to the Olympics, to Bane Capital, to the fact that TV shows like Twenty Twelve exist – I can’t help feeling that Jean Baudrillard might have been right. Reality doesn’t seem so real at the moment.

But don’t worry, I plan to watch a load of Batman tonight (i.e. the first two Nolan films) and go and see The Dark Knight Rises at my local cinema, tomorrow. So long as the final film in the trilogy doesn’t mimic reality too much, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph hobbled together this rather tasteless story in regards to Nolan’s Batman films and the shootings that happened at a screening in Denver, Colorado earlier today:


Seriously. Why? (Answer: probably, site traffic.)

I’m just waiting until someone starts saying that the character of Batman encourages gun crime, during which the subsequent media storm will probably ignore that: a) Batman abhors using guns and b) Batman abhors using guns, because his parents were murdered by a man using a handgun.

Just give it time.

UPDATE: The Telegraph article was removed not long after I posted this blog post.


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