I’m staying clear of the Mass Effect 3 ending DLC

With all of the previous Mass Effect games, I have eagerly bought and downloaded the available download content – but this will not be the case with the third game. The reception of the game’s ending earlier this year means that I’ll only concentrate on the multiplayer download content, as I found nothing really wrong with the ending I chose at the end of the game.

I still can’t handle that BioWare caved in to demand after the reception of the game was less than stellar and set about creating an alternate ending. An ending that you won’t be able to escape should you ever play the upcoming Wii U version of the game. The whole situation has raised some serious concerns for me in regarding entitlement and those who play videogames.

While arguments over entitlement and gaming are mixed, they mainly fall into two camps: a) you paid lots of money for said game, plus spent lots of your time on it and should be allowed to get what you want or b) just leave the game and its developers be. I tend to fall into the b) camp.

Another thing the whole ending debacle shows is that audiences are increasingly unable to infer information from media texts. Now, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like having every single detail and scenario handed out to me when I watch a film, read a book or play a game. I don’t need that info on a plate. To me, what happened to everyone at the end of ME3 was quite easy to figure out for myself.

Anyway, enough rambling, suffice to say that I’m only interested in the multiplayer DLC for the game.


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