What do I do as part of my job? Cool stuff, like these videos

I also get to wear geeky t-shirts in the office, like this one based on part of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

When people ask me what I do as my main job, what I say first is this:

“I’m a B2B technology copywriter.”

This doesn’t tend to get me anywhere, they kind of look at me in confusion. So, when that happens I end up listing off a mixture of the kinds of things I write (brochures, blog posts, eBooks, etc) and who I write them for.

I still don’t get very far with that. But now I have some tangible stuff to show off, because today three, THREE, video productions I’ve worked on have finally gone live. Two were for a client of where I work: one I helped edit the script for and the other I wrote and edited the script for. The third video was made for where I work and I scripted and did the voice over for it.

And the one I’m most proud of is the one I’ve done for Radix:

You can get more details on the apostrophes video over at the company site. It is the first kinetic typography video that I’ve worked on. Also, my partner Paul Blewitt animated and edited the video. He also did the funny squeaky voices that feature in it.


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