The Amazing Spider-Man is nothing like Twilight, etc, etc…

There’s a relationship between two teenagers, this is where the similarities end.

Over the course of the past day I have been amusing (sometimes annoying) people with my assertion that The Amazing Spider-Man film is nothing like Twilight. I’ve been pretty vocal about this, including barraging Twitter with a series of taking-the-piss Tweets using the #filmslikeTwilight hash-tag.

Where did this madness begin? From the suggestion by someone on FB that Spider-Man is like Twilight, a view that hadn’t been based on the individual watching the film, but from a review over at the Telegraph. It’s not the only review to make this link.

Said review makes out the film has a lot of romance going on, personally I couldn’t detect much more than what happened in the individual Maguire films from the last ten years. In fact, the latest film examines Peter’s internal turmoil more and Gwen Stacey is just the topping on top of the cake in order to give Peter another reason to turn vigilante.

Sure there’s a “Twilight market” out there, but as one of the few people who have read all the Twilight novels and seen all of the films to date, read a whole bunch of Spider-Man comics and watched all the films to date – I really can’t see any catering to the Twilight audience beyond the fact that you’ve got two teenagers in love. The whole situation ridiculously suggests that any fictional text that now features teenagers in love (with perhaps an educational setting or two) is trying to be like Twilight.

So, to round up:

Feel free to add to the list on Twitter.

P.S. When the hell did romance as a theme become the domain of Twilight and Twilight alone?


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