I’m writing a new film script

Film Reel by big-ashb.

This summer it would have been three years since I wrote my first full-length, feature film script, a script which had been for the final project of my Masters. Now I’m pausing work on my short story collection and comics, in order to draft a new, unrelated script.

Though in a way, I’m not moving that far from the subject material of the script that I wrote for my MA, which was a cyberpunk film called Download. This time round, it’s nearer to the present day and not as “crazy” in terms of the technological possibilities that are covered and used as plot points.

And there’s an even more important factor regarding this film: Paul Blewitt and I plan to make this film on very little budget. We’re not approaching agencies or production studios with the script, we’re shooting it ourselves with whoever we can convince to come in on it on a royalties plus food provision basis.

Currently I’m in the research stages plus jotting down bits of plot ideas as we go, but we have got a main plot and we’re slowly getting the foundations together. One of the big differences with this project is that we’re putting stuff into Scrivener as we go, which I am >< this close to buying a license for (I’m using a trial version at the moment). So the main script will be drafted in this program before being exported to Final Draft.

What’s the film about? Let’s just say there’s a cyberpunk, dystopian future thing going on and that it’s set in the UK. But let me also assure you that it’s not about anonymous groups of people trying to make a difference – because in this future, you can’t hide.


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