Just so you know: I’m looking for comic book artists

Took a Spill by Tom Verre

This time last year, I wouldn’t have considered crowd funding as a viable means of getting something like Displaced out there into the world. However, having learned a load about the publishing process in the past year and what the indie and small publisher scene is like in the UK, more than ever I am looking to crowd fund to get stuff like Displaced and Cure off of the ground.

Why crowd fund? Well, it’s not necessarily the cost of the publishing that I’m worried about, in fact I’m looking more towards digital distribution than physical. No, the reason I’m looking at crowd funding is that I don’t agree with artists and colourists being paid nothing whilst they work on a project that isn’t their own. And if I go down the self-publishing route, I’m going to need to have some funds to get myself caught up on InDesign again or pay someone for layout.

So, I’m looking for comic book artists (at least) who are interested in getting paid, but don’t mind crowd funding. I would be asking people to do some preliminary work for free so that backers would have an idea of how things would look, but otherwise if funding were successful: I’d be looking to pay them properly for at least 100% of the work.

I might add that with an artist on board, I wouldn’t be restricted to just digital self-publishing, I would have a better chance of convincing someone from the small press to take a gamble on the project. Though I’d still be pushing for people to get paid by whatever means necessary i.e. at least crowd funding.

Know someone who might be interested? Then get in touch.


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