Come on down to June’s meet-up of the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group

Yes, we’re going to be talking about Batman… again.

It’s probably a sign of the world’s greatest detective’s endearing popularity, but this Saturday will see Cornwall Graphic Novel Group take on the caped crusader yet again. Okay, and that Nolan guy has got the third, final installment of a trilogy about the Bats appearing on the big screen very, very soon.

We’ll be getting together in Loading on Saturday 30th June at 2.30pm.

Talking about Batman again was kind of inevitable, but unlike last year’s meeting about the multi-billionaire crime fighter, this is going to be a “gentle” pondering of the character, his part in the DC universe, sidekicks, enemies, favourite story arcs, the films, TV series and videogames…

When you’re talking about Batman, there is a lot to talk about, especially when you consider that the character has been running through panels since 1939. Yes, Bob Kane’s creation has been battling criminals, planetary and intergalactic threats, the mentally unstable and himself for more than seventy three years.

Bruce Wayne is almost as old as my gran.

P.S. We’ll be taking photos for a piece on the group that is hopefully going to appear in the West Briton.


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