Why did Paul and I buy the Avocado app last night?

First time I’ve even considered having an app for couples.

In the long term scheme of things, spending £1.24 (each) on an app doesn’t seem that big a deal. So when this article about Avocado popped up on TechCruch yesterday, I was pretty intrigued.

It is essentially an app for couples. This particular one is not really about organising each other’s lives, it’s more about communication with each other that can feel a bit special. Of course commenters on the article were quick to point out that there were already lots of apps for couples to keep in touch with each other, many free, other social media apps plus the more traditional email, texting and phoning that couples could do.

Apart from email and texting for some feeling more like a tool for work and texting not always the best for picture messages (send a pic on Paul and mine’s phones when the recipient doesn’t have 3G or WiFi on and the send will fail, while Avocado will post the image and it waits to appear when your partner is next connected) – the commenters missed out something pretty big.

If we ignore email, texting and phonecalls and just go for what we’ve all come to hold as apps: a load of the ones mentioned in the comments don’t work on Android or older Android OSs. This app has been made by a pair of “Ex-Googlers” as TC called them. And guess what? The app works on Paul and mine’s phones.

So what? You may ask.

We’re running on Android 2.2 and even the official Facebook app doesn’t like running on it. The FB app usually grinds to a halt and takes forever to load things.

In a way, it’s filled a niche in our lives that we didn’t realise we had a need for, until now. One-on-one communications that are laid out in a way that makes it feel like it’s just us talking to each other. Plus there’s encryption and other security measures involved.

Plus, it’s totally going to make the weekly shop a hell of a lot easier. You can try Avocado for free on the browser version (note: there isn’t a mobile web version yet).


One thought on “Why did Paul and I buy the Avocado app last night?

  1. Thanks so much for giving our app a try and glad you are finding it useful! Please don’t hesitate to send us feedback and feature requests as we work on making our next version even better! And let us know how this week’s shopping trip goes! 🙂

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