damn Until last night, I’d never played a GTA game before.

Here’s the thing, I truly have never played a GTA game before. I have watched people play them, but never for very long. When most of the pre-IV games were released, I was too young to play them and by the time Grand Theft Auto IV  was released back in 2008, I just had no interest in it.

So what’s suddenly changed? Well, nothing. Instead, there’s been a gradual change where I’ve become more and more interested in sandbox styles of game design. And while playing Skyrim for a bit earlier in the week, I thought to myself, “Y’know what? I’m bored of trying to kill dragons and then having to peg it. But damn, I love this open-world, sandboxness – I just need it in a “real world” setting. Wait, haven’t I got GTA IV sat on the games shelf…”

And so last night’s first playthrough began. I haven’t gotten very far, but I do find that Niko is quite a lovable rogue.

I’ve also been trying my best not to drive like a maniac unless cops or crooks are chasing me. This has caused some bemusement with Paul and resulting in him moaning at me, “You’re so square!”


One thought on “So… GTA IV

  1. I could never finish GTA IV too much dying, not having a checkpoint, driving back to the mission, dying, and on, and on. If you want a good open world from Rockstar I would recommend Red Dead Redemption over GTA IV. I do love roman though.

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