Hug Marine becomes the second platform game that I’ve completed

Go Hug Marine, go!

Until today, I had only completed one other platform game: Jak and Daxter. But now I have finally completed a second one, indie platformer Hug Marine, which is currently available on Newgrounds.

Actually, the entire experience has pretty much re-shown me how bad I am at the platform genre. Seriously, having to make characters jump about in order to progress is not a strong point of mine. I find it very difficult to judge distance versus power of a character’s jump.

But, while the comments on Newgrounds are perhaps saying that the game is too easy, for me Hug Marine was around the right level of difficulty. I had to attempt all of its levels more than once, but they were just the right length that this didn’t make me feel like it was a big setback or nothing to worry about.

Comparing to my other platformer experience: Jak and Daxter was not a pleasant experience for me, even though I have completed it.

What does the above mean? It means that the game didn’t frustrate me and that’s what plenty of other platformers have done to me.

Hug Marine is the brainchild of C.Y. Reid and should totally give it a go if you’ve got ten minutes spare.


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