EVE update #6 – I am abandoning ship

This was my EVE character, Lyra.

I am giving up on playing EVE Online. Since my last update on 22nd May, I haven’t touched the game. And the reason I’m giving up is due to the second reason that’s always held me back from trying out other MMOs:


When I started playing EVE, it became apparent that in order to get the most out of the game, you had to invest time in it almost every day of the week. Certainly at the beginning of a character’s inception.

But spare time isn’t something I’ve got a lot of these days and a game that needs me to commit to playing it daily is just too much. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the game had something like a smartphone app where you could at least set up training queues for characters or look over investments without being anywhere near your gaming PC. An app like that would mean I could at least do some maintenance during those moments where I’m commuting to and from my full-time job.

Don’t get me wrong, I was actually enjoying my time on EVE, except for those times where updates wouldn’t download and install properly. The universe was beautiful and I loved the way that things like space travel took real time.

If CCP Games made something like my app suggestion, then at least players like me would be able to put minimum work into the game when we don’t have the free time and then could spend some dedicated hours over a weekend doing the more serious task of completing missions.

Maybe I’ll be able to give EVE Online another go, later in the year, once I’ve got my work-life balance sorted out a bit more. But when you’re working 37.5 hours a week, working on a vodcast, planning new podcasts, writing comic books, writing film scripts, writing short stories, running a reading group – plus a load of social media related to that lot – it doesn’t leave time for games that need regular attention.

Until we meet again, Lyra Fonte.


6 thoughts on “EVE update #6 – I am abandoning ship

  1. I’m sure there is an app on the iTunes store. Not sure if its still there or being updated but it allowed you to set up your skill training windows.

    Have you looked at Diablo 3?

    • I’ve never been into Diablo II, so I’ve been avoiding III.

      I’ve got an Android running 2.2, so it needs to be for that.

      Frustratingly, it seems that CCP Games were working on an app, but they haven’t announced anything about it since March last year.

      • You didn’t install Aura for Android?

        It won’t let you change skills, but it does a lot.

      • I need the functionality to not just be able to check things on the go, but to implement choices too.

        The point is I don’t have access to a pc when I do have free time during the working week, but I have access to a smartphone.

    • The issue is more when I have access to certain tech. I can’t risk going on EVE when I am working on my personal laptop as it easily distracts me.

      I just want a stop-gap to keep things ticking over until I’m available, which is normally weekends.

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