The new Devil May Cry is looking better than I expected

Okay, so yesterday I was berating Capcom over the direction Resident Evil 6 is taking. Now I’m gonna say that I like the direction the new Devil May Cry  is taking. Though this lovely-ness could very well be because Ninja Theory are in charge of development.

After the mess that was Devil May Cry 4, which really didn’t do anything helpful in continuing Dante’s story or that of the worlds he’s a part of, starting sort of afresh in this game is appealing. The DMC universe has become one great big narrative mess.

The suggestion in the above trailer that the teen we see with the attitude is in fact the child of the Dante that we all know is rather interesting and does make me wonder how far they’ll dig into the storylines from the previous games. Then again, the fourth game had something similar going on and that didn’t really work out for it.

Still, I maintain the franchise needs the fresh start that this and the previous trailers have been insinuating. I am definitely looking forward to this game more than Capcom’s other offerings that were shown at E3 this week.

Plus the social commentary (if they stick with it) makes the game rather apt for our times.


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