Resident Evil 6 not looking as great as I’d hope

The above footage was taken at this week’s E3, during the Microsoft press conference. And I’m feeling a little disappointed about a title that in January I was seriously looking forward to. It’s Leon, just not as I like him.

Those who know me, know that I’m a huge fan of Leon and that I’ve completed Resident Evil 2 once and Resident Evil 4 more times than I can count. They’re two very different games, one definitely a survival horror and the other a horror themes action game.

The only reason I liked Resident Evil 5, the previous main canon game, is because there was same console co-operative play. But I’ll admit that it is even more removed from Resi’s traditional scares than 4 ever was.

Now 6 is moving even further away from being about surviving the claustrophobic situations of the previous games. And while I will play it, it does disappoint me that Capcom is still insisting on calling the game a survival horror. As Lewis said over on Beefy:

“There’s nothing wrong with making an action game, but I wish Capcom would just admit it.”

And just to stir the pot further, Dead Space 2 had a far greater sense of horror to it than Resident Evil 5. It’s just a shame that the trailer for Dead Space 3 that’s come out during E3 shows a game that’s trying to follow in Capcom’s direction.

And after what happened with WB and F.E.A.R. 3 last year, I’m really beginning to think that game developers don’t really get what makes horror, horror. It’s like they’ve spent too much time watching Saw and not enough time watching Village of the Damned.


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