So I tried having another go on Skyrim yesterday

So, due to being sick to my stomach over the Jubilee Bank Holiday, and sick of the Jubilee, so I decided to give Skyrim another go yesterday. I started a new character, a Wood Elf called Tamara, who I’m slowly working through the Thieves Guild and Brotherhood quests, as they’re the only quests I haven’t done.

But the main thing I was looking out for was glitches. The video above is the one glitch I encountered during the entire day. Going into shallow water appeared to leave the first-person camera view trying to figure whether it wanted to be in or out of the water. This was the first time I’d encountered this visual glitch and I’ve encountered a fair few glitches from quests to environments going wrong.

While getting out of the water obviously solved the problem, it takes a while to get out of any water when this is happening, because you can’t see your surroundings very well. Also, I decided to stop you guys from having your ears under attack, as the constant noise of switching between in and out of water was quite pain inducing.

One of the reasons for starting a new game was to get a character ready for the 1.6 patch, as I’m looking forward to the mounted combat. However a part of me suspects that it will probably glitch out when people finally have access to it.


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