Just so you know: I’m looking for comic book artists

Took a Spill by Tom Verre

This time last year, I wouldn’t have considered crowd funding as a viable means of getting something like Displaced out there into the world. However, having learned a load about the publishing process in the past year and what the indie and small publisher scene is like in the UK, more than ever I am looking to crowd fund to get stuff like Displaced and Cure off of the ground. Continue reading


Come on down to June’s meet-up of the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group

Yes, we’re going to be talking about Batman… again.

It’s probably a sign of the world’s greatest detective’s endearing popularity, but this Saturday will see Cornwall Graphic Novel Group take on the caped crusader yet again. Okay, and that Nolan guy has got the third, final installment of a trilogy about the Bats appearing on the big screen very, very soon. Continue reading

I write to entertain people, not to bore them

Photo by mararie.

This week I was left a rather lengthy response to an older blog post about the average length of a novel. The comment was in reply to a comment I had made in response to one of the original readers of the blog post. Continue reading

Early John Constantine, Hellblazer – it’s like reading about today, projected 25 years from the past

So much like today…

I’ve been steadily reading through the first two collected volumes of Hellblazer: John Constantine of late. And there’s one aspect that really, really scares me about them. Like how the the Conservative Party was in power back, almost as it is now. Continue reading

Comics are a suitable place for social and political discourse


During the “sudden” debate that has erupted about the representation of homosexuality in comic books, with Northstar’s marriage and Green Lantern Alan Scott coming out, there have been various reactions that pissed me off. Some more than others.

Continue reading