Having to write two and-a-half issues worth of new content for Displaced

That’s me working in Displaced in Final Draft 7

I am almost, almost there with finishing the re-edit of Displaced, which has seen me take two graphic novels and try and break them up into twelve comic book issues between them. Having completed the editing of issue nine, I made one important discovery…

I didn’t have enough content for the traditional twelve comic issues story arc. And I thought all was lost as I stared at the screen for the start of putting together issue ten. Then I went back over what I’d already put into issue format and one thing became clear – I needed to give space to a few sub-plots and main characters that needed some fleshing out at that point in the arc anyway.

However, it does mean I’m having to add original content to something that I haven’t really added anything seriously new to in about a year. So, I’m having to be extra careful about keeping continuity and plot points in the forefront of my mind while I’m working on it.

I’m just glad there’s a long bank holiday coming up – I need the time to finish writing this.


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