I like having quirky things in my home office

This is Francis.

Here is my office dragon, Francis. I posted up some pics on him last week. Basically, my office would be rather boring without him sticking about, literally. He’s perched on my printer, on the one part that doesn’t move or open up.

Personally, I think any office needs a personal touch, well at least your space in the office. While having Francis at work would be a bit much – he’d take up too much room on my desk – at home he’s just right for printer perching. In work I have a game themed mug coaster and my own pen pot, so functional, yet personal, items.

Anyway, back to Francis. I picked him up in Perranporth, Cornwall several years ago from some random tourist shop. He wasn’t the biggest dragon in the shop, there were a few carvings that were almost half my size, but he looked like the right size to chill in the home office.

There’s also a carved bear of a similar size in another part of the office… now that I think about it, I don’t believe she’s got a name. Having them in the office just makes it less impersonal and more tolerable to be working in when I’m all alone, ’cause I’m the only one in the house for whatever reason… not that I have conversations with them, but they look more mature than being surrounded by cuddly toys.


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