Falling in love with Ultimate Spider-Man

I’d never read Ultimate Spider-Man, until this week.

This week has seen me bury myself in a mountain of Ultimate Spider-Man trades, reading the story from the beginning. I haven’t gotten very far in the web slinger’s career (I managed to borrow the first four or so volumes from one of my Brothers), but what I have read has been pretty damn exhilarating.

But why is it only now that I’m starting to read about Spider-Man in any shape or form? Well tomorrow’s meeting of the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group is going to be focusing its discussion on the wise-crack making, spider bitten super hero from Queens. Plus The Amazing Spider-Man is due for release in July and the film is actually looking good.

Like a lot of people who’ve probably never gotten into the comics previously, all I previously knew about Spidey was from the 1994-1997 Spider-Man cartoon series. So actually reading an origin story from the start has been quite an eye opener.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting. And may I suggest reading the second post in the CGNG’s what super heroes mean to us season of posts? It’s on Spider-Man.


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