EVE update #5 – am I looking forward to Inferno?

While EVE Online takes some downtime today in order to roll out the Inferno expansion, I’m asking myself whether I’m looking forward to it, having only been playing the game for a week.

I am still in a basic stage of gameplay. The wars raging in the game’s universe, haven’t impacted on me yet – thankfully. I’ve been trawling through the introductory agent missions you can do, as a chance for me to get to grips with at least the basic mechanics of the games. Mostly I’ve been focusing on the business side of things.

Watching the trailer above though – and reading the EVE news updates every time I log-in – has proven to be a little thrilling. Here’s a game that’s taken our world’s preoccupation for wars over resources and the control of them and the commercialization of death – taken them and turned them into an interactive narrative.

But I probably won’t be firing any missiles anytime soon. I’m only just about coping with small hybrid turrets.

What does the future currently hold for Lyra? Currently I’m really focused on getting her basic skills sorted and then a real world friend has put forward an in-game offer that I’m probably not going to refuse.


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