EVE update #4 – let me introduce you to Lyra

This my EVE character, Lyra.

This is Lyra Fonte, an Intaki from Gallante. She’s a part of the University of Callie. She’s got an artistic background thing going on, but I’m disappointed to say that doesn’t mean much. And no, I haven’t subscribed yet, but I’m on the brink of doing so.

Last night I noticed that there was a place in my character sheet to write a bio for my character. And as a writer, I really want to do that, but I feel like I know very little about the universe of EVE Online. Now there are lovely places to go read-up on things, like here on the EVElopedia, but it’s gonna be a while before I give myself a bio.

I’m almost tempted to pick-up some of the tie-in books cheap – almost.

Actually, while I’ve been typing this, I’ve ended up paying for a 30 day subscription. And I’ve agreed to do a Delayed Reaction piece for BeefJack already… that’ll be appearing after my one on Final Fantasy VII.


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