My nemesis today – the Olympic torch relay in Cornwall

We’re back for more!

So, the next weekend is this month’s meeting of the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group. It is normally on the weekend before that I put up posters for it. That’s today. Today… the day of the Cornwall leg of the Olympic torch relay.

Due to the fact that Paul and I need to travel from just outside of Truro to the centre of Falmouth as the Torch moves from Falmouth to Truro, I feel like we’ve got our work cut out a little. We need to avoid getting hemmed in by people trying to watch the damn thing and give up on buses as they will be disrupted.

This leaves us with only one option: walking into Truro and catching a train while carrying a rucksack each filled with our weekend kit. Because after the posters have gone up, we’re going to be chilling with mates: gaming, playing Aberrant, eating, more gaming and generally chilling.

Other than putting the posters up, the above is what we regularly do on most Saturdays.

I am perhaps a little peeved that the Torch could be disrupting this. I’m about as excited for the Olympics this year as I am excited by the prospect of catching SARS or H1N1.

And you could suggest putting the posters up on tomorrow, Sunday, but then I would have missed chilling with friends and the public transport situation then is even worse.



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