Unsure what to write about for my next West Briton column

Needs to be Cornwall related with a youth or gender angle…

Some of you may know that I am a sometimes columnist for the West Briton. I’ve had three pieces out since December last year. All have been rather ranty and depressing, but that’s a sign of the times we live in.

Now, I’m not asking you to write a column for me. But I’m having problems deciding between ideas I’ve had. So I need help on picking a theme/idea. I might add that I have to get in a sort of Cornwall angle, while at the same time making the issue related to gender and/or youth.

Here’s my ideas so far:

  1. Where’s my role models? – A look at the lack of role models in Britain today for girls and women that aren’t focused on their looks, taking in the scary notion that a character like the Black Widow in Avengers Assemble could be a better role model than Katie Price. Maybe bringing in a shout out to Cornwall Graphic Novel Group.
  2. Please stop the racism – A story of my encounter with a taxi driver who is fed-up with people being horrible to him, just because he’s not British, though has every right to work in this country and importantly – in this county. How the treatment of this man fills we with apprehension as to how adults set an example to children in these matters.
  3. This country is acting like monsters to those who need compassion – An examination of how hatred towards benefit claimants and the disabled has seemingly overrun our country in the last five years. Taking in thoughts that the country is quickly becoming a place that people like my late grandfather would not recognise.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. Two of these ideas are obviously time sensitive.

Any thoughts, peeps?


4 thoughts on “Unsure what to write about for my next West Briton column

  1. As a person who hates racism & Race as it is commonly known, I will have to go with #2.

    I am one of those weird people who thinks that we Humans are one Race/Species/Breed/Whatever as far as I know scientifically, and that Race as it is currently known is just a social construct (like a social group, an ethnic group, et cetera) & too many people make it out to be more than it really is.

    And even if I am wrong and even if us Humans have different Races/Breeds/Species, then I still do not see the big deal & I see no reason why we can not work/live together, and I still hate racism.

    I do not identify as any so called Race or Ethnic Group, but I see why some people would want to be part of a social group that they feel close to & I think that they should have that right, but I hate when people use that as an unnecessary/incorrect form of division and/or when they think that Race/Ethnic Group represent a different Race/Species/Breed when we all are really one Species as far as I know scientifically.

    Racism and Race topics can get complex/confusing since many people blend the ideas of what Race really is, to them it is usually Physical & Social, and used to create unnecessary divisions in the way they think/believe/behave/see the world & others/et cetera.

    Anyway, good luck deciding on what to write about Mrs. Emily. 😀


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