May 2012 meet of Cornwall Graphic Novel Group is on!

We’re back for more!

As announced yesterday over on the official Cornwall Graphic Novel Group site, the May meet is fast approaching. In case you haven’t already heard, the main subject of discussion will be Marvel’s Spider-Man, taking in several universes: Amazing, Marvel and Noir.

Taking place in Loading, Falmouth at 2pm on Saturday 26th May, we’re hoping that we’ll have as interesting a discussion as last month’s meet that focused on Superman: Earth One. We really did have some great discussions going on last month and we’re hoping that this month will be just as engaging.

And what if you haven’t read any Spider-Man before? The it doesn’t matter. There’s going to be a few regulars there who will be able to get you up-to-date with what’s been happening over the years with one of Marvel’s most iconic characters. And it also doesn’t matter if you’re experience of Spidey has only been via cartoons or films before.

I’ve personally been reading Spider-Man: Reign in preparation, plus I’ve borrowed some Ultimate from my brother and I’ve got an oldie on the way – Kraven’s Last Hunt.

On a another personal note: With the group having been together for over a year now, it has been fab a experience for me to organise the event every month that we’ve run it. And over the course of the year, my ability to produce speech bubbles in Photoshop has really taken off.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing you there.


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