EVE update #2 – I only started playing the demo this evening

Haven’t actually played much yet.

I played EVE for the first time this evening. Well, I say played, I’m just kicking back in the demo at the moment. And it is a really difficult game to focus on when you’re in the grips of a truly almighty cold that threatens to explode your nasal cavity and cover the entire world in snot.

The main thing that delayed me was trying to run the demo through Steam. Despite my best efforts, I just couldn’t get it to work after getting caught up in a cache/file validation and launcher update loop.

So on the advice of Joe, I just uninstalled that version of the game and downloaded the demo from the site instead. And after doing work from home today, while sneezing everywhere, I’ve given it enough of a go to get past the basic tutorials on how to play the game.

Thoughts so far? Getting items in and out of one’s cargo hold could be more streamlined. And it’s still too early for me to decide if I want to throw down my money and subscribe.

However, I think a message I sent to support may have gotten through – this was during the Steam difficulties – as my account trial had been counting down before this evening, which I did mention in a message to support was kinda wrong seeing as how I hadn’t created a character yet. It was back to 14 days today.

One thing I am impressed with so far is how pretty space looks, but I have yet to be impressed by the game.

Main advice so far: do not try the demo through Steam.

Also, EVE announced that Inferno is coming on 22nd May.


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