Will most probably begin downloading EVE Online tonight

Looking to try out the 14-day trial

Maybe it’s some kind of feeling left over from having finally completed Mass Effect 3, but yesterday I decided that I wanted to give EVE Online a go. I’m not entirely sure why, but if I do go through with this (I haven’t had access to my laptop in the past 24 hours, which is why I haven’t even started downloading it) it’ll be the first MMO that I given any serious consideration to.

EVE has been going for a fair few years now, actually almost ten if the Wiki entry is accurate, and it may seem like a strange time to suddenly start playing such a long running MMO, but the SF element of it is drawing me in. And yes, I’m aware that it’s not exactly story focused like RPGs I’m use to playing.

But I’m kind of liking the idea of being able to visualise my own story as I go and become embroiled in the intriguing community it has. And be in space. Did I mention that I like space?

It was Joe Robinson who originally peaked my interest at just the kind of possibilities that EVE could entail. Mainly with him describing the loss of his first ship, earlier last year.

I’m not the only one I know who’s interest in the game has currently been piqued:

And so far it’s looking good:

But only time will tell. I should probably set up to download it before I go to see Avengers Assemble tonight. But I do have one question: can you trial it through Steam? (I know it’s available on there to buy, but this is my first game trial.)



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