Thoughts on latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

July... July...

I’ve been quite keen on the previous two trailers, but Warner’s reveal this week of the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has not excited me as much as the previous two. Potentially this is due to the major street combat scenes that are given a fair chunk of time in the trailer.

It’s just, while epic street battles do take place in the comics and graphics, they don’t happen that often. And we’ve had two films now, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight that have had extensive chase scenes and splatterings of urban combat. Though I suppose it wouldn’t make sense to leave these elements now, Nolan having established them.

Here’s the trailer:

But what did I like?

Well, I liked that it seems that Bane has been sent to deal with Batman and that it’s probably down to an “old acquaintance” being more alive than dead. If this is the case, yay.

What I really want to say is this: if this film isn’t as good as the previous two I’ll probably cry.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

  1. I also thought this trailer lacked the impact of the previous two, but on further viewings I began to appreciate its quieter, more sombre nature. I think, as far as summer blockbusters go, that The Dark Knight Rises will be the perfect antidote to sugar rush that is The Avengers. Can’t wait.

  2. Thank you for sharing this trailer Mrs. Emily, I did not know that a new one was out, I like this trailer better than the teaser trailer that I saw. 🙂

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