Having to write two and-a-half issues worth of new content for Displaced

That’s me working in Displaced in Final Draft 7

I am almost, almost there with finishing the re-edit of Displaced, which has seen me take two graphic novels and try and break them up into twelve comic book issues between them. Having completed the editing of issue nine, I made one important discovery… Continue reading


I like having quirky things in my home office

This is Francis.

Here is my office dragon, Francis. I posted up some pics on him last week. Basically, my office would be rather boring without him sticking about, literally. He’s perched on my printer, on the one part that doesn’t move or open up. Continue reading

1.6 patch for Skyrim will add mounted combat, but still not fix the problems I’ve had

OMG, mounted combat!

So, mounted combat shall be coming to Skyrim according to the latest Bethesda blog on the game that has tortured me more than I have detailed on this blog. (All fairness, EVE online is current contender for over taking Skyrim, but it’s still got a whole to go, like ten more levels of torture or something.)

Continue reading

Falling in love with Ultimate Spider-Man

I’d never read Ultimate Spider-Man, until this week.

This week has seen me bury myself in a mountain of Ultimate Spider-Man trades, reading the story from the beginning. I haven’t gotten very far in the web slinger’s career (I managed to borrow the first four or so volumes from one of my Brothers), but what I have read has been pretty damn exhilarating. Continue reading

EVE update #5 – am I looking forward to Inferno?

While EVE Online takes some downtime today in order to roll out the Inferno expansion, I’m asking myself whether I’m looking forward to it, having only been playing the game for a week. Continue reading