Why do people insist on driving badly?

(Rant alert…) Yesterday, in the late morning, Paul’s Dad was driving us back home, when an idiot in a brand new, blue, BMW overtook traffic on the other side of the road. Now, this wouldn’t have been a problem if it weren’t for the fact that there was torrential rain and a load of surface water on the road.

As the BMW sped past at over 50mph, near Perranarworthal, a wave of water was flung into the air and sent crashing down onto the bonnet and windscreen of Paul’s Dad’s car. The wipers were already working flat out to deal with the rain.

There was an agonizing two seconds as Paul’s Dad fought to regain complete control of the car, driving blind and well aware of the fact that if he slowed down too much all of a sudden that someone would inevitably crash into the back of us. Finally regaining complete control of the car, we continued on the way back to where Paul and I live.

But for the rest of the journey, we angrily talked among ourselves about how disgustingly thoughtless the driver of that BMW was. And then the conversation shifted to how in general, it seems the quality of drivers on British roads is decreasing at a seemingly exponential rate. From people who won’t indicate where they’re going at junctions, to people forgetting that traffic from the right has the priority on roundabouts – there are too many bad drivers on the UK’s roads.

And it’s not necessarily young drivers that are putting people’s lives at risk. There seems to be many middle-aged drivers who’ve become too complacent since passing their test over twenty years ago.

(Rant over… for now.)


One thought on “Why do people insist on driving badly?

  1. That was a bad & terrible situation to be in, but the terrible driving seems to be happening where I live too, so y’all are not alone/the only ones that have to deal with this problem 😉 😦 ; I do not see much changing as far as/with how most people drive, as more people fill the roads/get automobiles, but maybe automobiles that can drive themselves will help with this one day or something. 😀

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