The Journal system in Mass Effect 3 is useless

So much to like, but...

I’m now about half-way through my play of Mass Effect 3 and while I hope to finish playing it this week, there is one thing that is really, really beginning to frustrate me. The Journal system in this iteration of the franchise is useless for tracking progress in priority and main missions.

It’s not like I want to have my hand held all the way through the game, but I really liked how in Mass Effect 2 it would update your progress through missions. But now I have no way of keeping on track on what the hell I’ve been up to in game. With so many side missions about finding random items on planetary scans, the lack of mission status updates means that I don’t know if I’ve picked up stuff for these missions if I’ve come back to the game after not playing it for a couple of days.

And I really don’t understand why BioWare have made this design choice. It just doesn’t make sense. I could have like six side missions on the go at the same time and have no record of whether I’ve found items or not. So I either head back to the Citadel and see if I can talk to the quest givers and see if I have something to hand over or make expensive fuel trips across star systems.

This one tiny, yet huge, flaw is holding back my potential to enjoy the game fully. At least multiplayer is enjoyable.


One thought on “The Journal system in Mass Effect 3 is useless

  1. Angry Joe mentioned this in his review, I am slightly surprised that they have not fixed this yet, and it is very odd that they made the quest system this terrible. 😦 (I do not have the full game yet, I have been playing Skyrim on PC recently 😉 )

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