April 2012 meet of the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group is on!

The last Saturday of the month approaches!

After last month’s very successful meet regarding Watchmen, the group decided that rather than take a look at a specific character or writer, we’d have a chat about a specific graphic. Namely, Superman: Earth One.

Among a few of the the group’s regulars this graphic novel was one of the best re-imaginings of Superman’s origin story. As DC describes it:

Forget everything you know about The Man of Steel and brace yourself for a staggering new take on the world’s most popular Super Hero.Best-selling, Hugo Award-winning writer J. Michael Straczynski (BRAVE AND THE BOLD, Thor, Babylon 5) and red-hot rising star artist Shane Davis (GREEN LANTERN, SUPERMAN/BATMAN) team up for this exciting launch of the EARTH ONE graphic novel series. Set in an all-new continuity re-imagining DC’s top heroes, EARTH ONE is a new wave of original, stand-alone graphic novels produced by the top writers and artists in the industry. The groundbreaking new line rockets into effect right here with the Super Hero who started it all – Superman!What would happen if the origin of The Man of Tomorrow were introduced today for the very first time? Return to Smallville and experience the journey of Earth’s favorite adopted son as he grows from boy to Superman like you’ve never seen before!

Written by J. Michael Straczynski, this comes from the mind that gave the world Babylon 5 and Jeremiah.

We won’t be just talking about Superman though, general comics, graphic novels and geekish topics are bound to surface.

April’s meeting is on the 28th in Loading, Falmouth at 2pm. We hope to see you there.

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